3D LED displays from FREITAG TECHNOLOGIES GmbH directly “out of the box”. These 3m² LED surfaces are delivered completely ready to play, 2 pieces together in just one transport case.

And, as always, ultra-light, because each of these 3m² LED displays weighs less than 50kg. This means that they can easily be hung in an exhibition booth wall or suspended from 3 lifting eyebolts.

​The complete control system, power supply technology and player are already integrated into the housing of these LED displays. The rear of the displays can be customized with all-round keder rails.

We not only supply the hardware but also the special 3D video content on request, all from a single source.

And of course we can also supply these LED displays in other formats, either for rent or for purchase. Simply send us your request and we will provide you with a non-binding offer.


das weiße, geschlossenes LED-Videomodul TILE25®