Technical data GRID12®


193.5 x 193.5 mm

Mounting grid:

200.0mm in X- and Y-direction

Pixel pitch:

12.5 mm

LED configuration:

3 in 1 SMD, RGB

Pixel density:

6,400 LED / m²

Viewing angle:

120° x 120°


6,500 cd / m²

Transparency (see through):


Power consumption:

max. 25 W (max. 625 W / m²)

Operating voltage:

17-24 V/DC


114 g (2.85 kg / m²)

Data protocol:

2-wire 8 MBit


48 Bit

Protection rating:


All specifications are subject to change without notice.

GRID12® as LED cloud

GRID12® as LED cylinder

GRID12® as LED banner

GRID12® as LED rings

GRID12® as LED ceiling

System diagram GRID12®

System diagram of a typical GRID12® LED video installation