An impressive LED installation in the open stairwell of the new training center.

The LED profiles run parallel to the stainless steel pipes and are fitted with our fully video-capable DoubleStrip12™ LED strips.

The total height of the pipe sculpture is 18m and extends over a total of 4 floors.

Despite the direct sunlight coming in through the glass roof, the LEDs shine as bright as day. This is because our DoubleStrip12™ LED strips impress with a brightness of more than 20,000 cd/m².

doppelreihiger und extrem leuchtstarker LED-Videostreifen DoubleStrip12™
doppelreihiger und extrem leuchtstarker LED-Videostreifen DoubleStrip12™

In addition to the LED tube sculpture, 6 interactive LED steles have been installed on the first floor of the training center.

Each of the steles consists of a dark-tinted and highly mirrored glass panel. Our TILE2-5® LED modules with a pixel pitch of 2.5 mm are installed behind it.

As long as the LEDs are not lit, these glass panes look like mirrors that you cannot see through.

However, due to the extreme brightness of our TILE2-5® modules, the video content appears bright and brilliant.

Thanks to the small form factor of our LED modules of just 100x100mm and 200x200mm, the stepped video surfaces could be implemented exactly according to the designer’s specifications.

As soon as someone approaches the LED steles, the video content changes and the visitor is addressed directly.