Large-format and ultra-light LED displays in straight or angled form that come ready to play straight from the transport case.

This eliminates the need for LED technicians on site to assemble the LED system from individual modules and put it into operation. This saves costs and time.

LED displays with a surface area of up to 4.75m x 1.25m are supplied in one piece. On site, the LED display is suspended from 2 lifting eyebolts and then plugged into the socket; it couldn’t be easier.

The complete cabling, the power supply and controller technology and the video player are already integrated in the housing, which is only 6 cm deep.

The weight is 15kg to 17kg per square meter.

These LED displays have an optional pixel pitch of 1.5mm or 2.5mm.

The back of the LED displays is equipped with keder rails so that this surface can be customized according to customer requirements.


das weiße, geschlossenes LED-Videomodul TILE25®